Sometimes I wonder how you are
What is your life like now
What are you doing, who are you meeting
Now that I’m not there

Sometimes I wonder do you have
The same dreams you had before
Are they closer now, within your reach
Was I standing in the way

Sometimes I wonder if you know
How stuck I still am
I understand why you had to go on
Without me

Sometimes I wonder how you are
What is your life like now
I don’t want to wonder, I don’t want to know
I can’t

Words matter

Sometimes, things need to be said. When someone is unaware of a problem, they should be informed, either directly or indirectly. To understate or overstate the problem would not be helpful. To assign blame when assigning blame is unnecessary would be hurtful.

Other times, things do not need to be said. When someone is aware of a problem, they do not need to be reminded or told again. To restate the problem would at best be a slight insult to the intelligence, at worst cause emotional harm.

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Hello World

After almost 10 years of existence, I finally decided to turn this site into a blog.

My Declaration of Principles

  1. I will provide the people of this interwebz with a sporadic blog that will tell some of the news somewhat honestly.
  2. I will also provide them with a loving and lethargic champion of their rights as citizens and as human beings.
  3. I will also provide lolcats.

Jeffery Foster To