Localized Lightning for Thunderbird 60 on Linux

Non-English Linux users of Lightning, the calendar extension for the Mozilla Thunderbird email and news client, must be having a hard time these days.

Both Thunderbird and Lightning are available from the major Linux distributions’ software repositories. However, with the exception of Debian, the Lightning extension from these repos are available in English only.

Most non-English users at this point would look to Lightning from the Thunderbird add-ons site. Versions available here are only compatible with Thunderbird 52 or older though and stop working in Thunderbird 60.

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Lower- or mixed-case Samba server names in Ubuntu 17.10 / 18.04 LTS

Say you have brand new Ubuntu server with a few Samba shares (and Avahi for auto-discovery). Or perhaps you have upgraded your existing server to 17.10 or 18.04 LTS.

Uppercase server name in Finder sidebar

Welcome back to the heyday of Windows for Workgroups.

You open up Nautilus or Finder (or if you are unlucky, File Explorer) to test your Samba shares, and what do you see? Your meticulously chosen server name is in now in ALL CAPS. (Note that I haven’t confirmed this in File Explorer.)

This aggression will not stand (man).

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