Swire Hotels

Swire Hotels wanted to revitalize their website to reflect the uniquely luxurious hospitality experience they provide. While the main site was built using Adobe Flash, an iPad-specific version of the site was also created as iPads were a featured amenity in their hotels. Both versions were powered by the same SiteCore CMS instance.

I developed the iPad-specific version of the site. Using HTML5 and CSS3 animations, with Ajax data loading and touch-friendly event handling, I recreated almost all of the rich Flash experience. I also wrote the back-end XSLT templates that transformed CMS data into HTML pages and page fragments used for the iPad-specific version.

I also designed the Sitecore CMS “content tree”: how data was organized and captured in the CMS interface, with the twin goals of an intuitive user experience for content editors and ease of development and maintenance for developers.

Services involved

  • Front-end web development
  • Sitecore CMS content tree design
  • Client CMS training

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